It’s Actually Real!

It’s always fun starting a new project.

Do you buy the fabric and then find a pattern, or search out the pattern and find the fabric?

There’s the excitement of choosing and buying the material, and then the thrill of unwrapping it – especially those pre-cut packs with their fun bows and ribbons. And then cutting and sewing and, and… Even the smell of the new fabric is exciting. Yet, although it’s a new project part of you just wants to see it all done and complete in it’s beautiful glory.

In a strange way, starting out with this website for The Patchwork Club is having a similar effect on me. For a couple of months I have been loading videos onto Youtube. I have an active facebook group with a growing number of followers who also contribute all their excitement and knowledge. I have some products for sale on Etsy. So The Patchwork Club has been active for a while now. And all the while I have been pulling together the information onto this website, but keeping it hidden from public view!


Getting this website out ‘live’ and writing this first blog somehow seems like it’s all now become serious. Not grumpy stiff-upper-lip serious, but This-Is-Really-Happening serious.


I hope you will join me for the ride, keep me company on our roller-coaster, say hi, tell me when I get something right and also when I get it all wrong.

Ok, so a short and brief first blog, but I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings…



ps. please have a click about the rest of the website, where you’ll find some videos, information on how to get a custom-made video tutorial and sew much more!


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