Patchwork Pillow Front

It’s a drizzly Sunday afternoon, and all the family are calm and occupied with their own peaceful games. Anyone with children knows that this doesn’t happen all that often, and it’s likely it won’t last long. So, what to do with the few moments of peace I have been granted.

Time like this is when small simple projects are needed. One small project that is also really good practice for a beginner is to sew four blocks together into a pillow or cushion cover. 

This is a project that is simpler to complete than a whole quilt, so you get to that proud ‘Look what I’ve made’ moment so much quicker.

Front of the Pillow / Cushion Cover

You can sew any fabric at all for the front of your pillow, and in any patchwork arrangement. One beautiful quilt block that is suitable for a pillow is the Path and Stile block. Four sewn together are really effective, especially if you use a single base color and variable colors in the blocks.

If you click on the following orange text, it will take you to a video tutorial on how to sew the Path and Stile Block.

How to sew the back of the pillow cover will be covered in the next blog post – click here for link.

For now, have fun enjoying your moments of sewing and quilting. 

Bye for now



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