Patchwork Pillow Back

Making a patchwork pillow is an excellent smaller project for a beginner; to sew when you don’t have much time; to use up your scraps or to test a new block pattern before making a full quilt.

If you aim for a front size of 18 inches square plus seam allowances then the following video demonstrates how to make a back to your pillow / cushion cover based on a simple flap opening. You then push your filling cushion inside and that’s your pillow completed. Click on the orange text below to go to the video demonstrating the sewing method for the back of the cushion / pillow cover – how to sew a pillow.

This is a very simple and basic pillow design. You could embellish it by sewing in a piping around the edge of the pillow cover. Or you could add a fastening onto the back, such as a button or tie.

The options are forever endless to let your creativity run wild. But if you want to keep it simple, then this method is ideal.

Have fun adding pillows to your house and those of your family and friends. A little home-made something with which to make a home.

Bye for now



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