Patchwork Chaos

Anyone with children, or pets, or a husband(!) will know that all of these wonderful things come with their own brand of chaos.

The toddler has discovered that he can now take clothes and shoes off all by himself, which saves me the job… but he has not grasped the idea of putting them away. So after a trip to the shops or the school run you can plot his progress around the house by the abandoned items of clothing strewn across the floor. 

Number one son is polishing his own brand of chaos. It’s the ‘clear space must be covered up’ method. He seems to have an aversion to empty clear spaces, like the kitchen table, carpet or a chair, and flings his ‘stuff’ upon any space not already occupied. Small mountains of chaos grow until I blitz it all away. Every-time though, it creeps back again. Towers of unorganized stuff.

One ocropped-cropped-20150621_143615.jpgf my escapes from all this chaos is to sew methodical and organised patchwork block patterns. Regular, dependable, straight edges and no surprises. This is my preferred quilt / patchwork pattern. It fits perfectly my love of geometry and neatness.

I know that there are many types of patchwork and quilting, and different people tend to be drawn towards one or two types that they really enjoy. Today, I found some quilts on the internet that were random and un-organised. Total chaos for a chaotic world. They worried me just by looking at them. I had to spend time just looking at block patterns just to calm my frayed nerves. 😉 

I’d love to hear what your favorite patchwork / quilt is. Maybe you are an applique fan, or like the blocks the same as me.

Anyway, bye for now





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