Pulling Teeth and Sewing Teeth

Today I went, again, to the dentist for some more major works (I’ve been going monthly for the past 2 and a half years – apparently it’s due to having a toddler at an older age – or maybe I’m just getting old!). This time it was for root canal to one of my top back teeth. This particular tooth has had repeated major fillings over the last two years and has never quite settled down to pain free. So, after two weeks of horrific pain ¬†over the New Year, I today asked them to take it out rather than fix it.

This might seem a bit drastic but I am tackling this year with a new purpose. I’m going to stop trying to fix things that are broken and just get rid of the issue / problem. In case you think I’m being callous, I’m not doing this without prayerfully considering the effort already put in to a project and the likelihood of ever reaching a positive result.

For example, I have decided to focus more on providing quality patchwork content, or at least a good read, on this blog site – supported by more videos and random information about vaguely related patchwork stuff.

Today I am breaking my ‘one video a week’ rule to bring you another one only three days after the last. And so as to provide a neat connection to my dentist trip, I have made a video tutorial on how to sew a ‘houndstooth’ patchwork block. I had thought about doing a ‘Saw Tooth block’ (sore tooth – get it???) but decided that the Houndstooth can be more therapeutic to sew on those days when your head is feeling fuzzy and half your mouth is still numb!

To go to the new video page, click the orange text below. If you have a block that you would like to see a tutorial for, please add it to the comments below.

Houndstooth Block Video

That’s all for now, I’m off to rest my head.

Bye for now



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