Mutant Patchwork Blocks

Oldest son loves to play ‘Minecraft’ on the computer. It’s a game set in a world made of small cubes or blocks, and you can build, design, mine, or attack baddies (known as mobs!) There’s all sorts of terminology and phrasing that goes with playing the game, most of which has been invented by professional ‘gamers’ who film their progress for all to see. 

Some of the terminology is totally baffling to me, and some is just plain ludicrous, but he loves it. I find some of the phrases particularly funny, such as ‘mutant blocks’. I have this image of a giant cube, possibly a rubix cube (now I’m showing my age) wandering down the street going grrr!

The last couple of days I have been looking at one block with several different names, and today I found several different blocks with one name – notably the ‘Churn Dash’ block.

It seems that although there is a ‘standard’ layout to this nine-patch block but there are also many subtle variations. I expect a purist in patchwork would give each of these different blocks a different name, but I haven’t got that far yet.

I was, however, interested in how a very small change to a block could result in a completely different looking quilt. So, being me, I played around with the Churn dash block on my computer for a while (my idea of computer games) and made a short video. As always, click on the orange text to take you there.

I’m sure I have left out many other ways we can simply alter a patchwork block, so please add your design ideas to the comments below for us all to learn more.

I’m now off to have a sneaky play on son’s computer games… shhhh don’t tell!

Bye for now



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