Patchwork Terms – It’s all Greek to me

Today, being Saturday, the four of us headed into town for our customary coffee and get together / weekly laughter, sharing stories and chat. We wander around town and then head home. One of the shopping centres is being renovated at the moment.  For the last two months the open area between the lifts and escalators has been filled with a massive construction of scaffolding and protective sheeting. It stretches from the lower shopping floor, through two more shopping levels and to a similar height above to a glass ceiling.

My husband mentioned that it had all gone. 

“wow,” said he “that was a lot of effort and time just to put in a bit of glass on a couple of walls.” I looked up quickly while fighting with the toddler on the escalator and replied…

“Well, they have rendered all the walls, added new fascia boarding, re-glazed the roof and renovated the iron work.” At that point I made eye-contact with him and saw him shrugging.

“You know, I had forgotten who I was talking to.” He shrugged again. “To me it just looks like a new window.” 

The thing is, I haven’t been in the building or construction trade for over ten years and yet all that training, all those skills that were ground in through education and experience will never leave me. The ability to see a building as just a load of bricks and windows is as impossible to me as a psychiatrist not trying to work out what your ‘thing’ is in a quick conversation.

It’s the same with anything we do, learn or pursue with a passion – be it our career or a hobby. We live it, breathe it, sleep it. And it never goes away. Sadly, this can lead to problems in training or teaching other people to do it. We have our terminology, our methods, our rules and we have an intimate knowledge of ABC never mind full words and sentences.

For a total novice, all these things can be totally baffling when you are trying to grasp the basics. There are thousands of videos and tutorials on the internet on how to sew patchwork blocks and most of them will be talking as though we know the language.

If you are a beginner, there are many books that have a glossary in the back that explain a lot of the basic terms. The one I like is ‘Beginner’s Guide to Quilting’ and you can view it in more detail, including the glossary, in Amazon by clicking on the picture below.

Ok, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening watching a movie on the box.

Bye for now.



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