Mountains – History of and Other Stuff

mount-2Today I have been looking at all the different Delectable Mountain blocks and, as always with me, searching into some of the history.

The first thing that I discovered is that there are a number of ways the basic block can be aligned and this can produce all sorts of interesting geometric patterns.

So why is it called ‘Delectable Mountain’? One of the pattern layouts looks similar to a mountain. All these peaks and valleys. So it’s not too hard to work out where that part of the name came from.

However – delectable??? What’s all that about?

Delectable means ‘extremely attractive’. Well that could describe pretty much every patchwork quilt I’ve ever seen – so why is it put on this one?

The answer is all about religion, and in particular a book called ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ by John Bunyan, in which Christian goes travelling across the world and at one stage confronts the Delectable Mountains. (Click on the picture to browse this book). 

Add this to the fact that the Pioneers reached a mountain range that they knew separated them from their own ‘promised land’ and so quilts were sewn at that time to represent the ‘delectable mountains’. 

This is a very brief waffle about the history, but if you are interested in learning absolutely loads more then click on the orange text to LEARN MORE.

As I said, there are a number of variations but they all start with a very easy and very basic block. Click on the orange text to see a short video on how to sew a mountain block as well as a number of different layout variations.

There is so much more to any of our patchwork blocks than just some pretty thing to sew. I hope you will share any more knowledge that you have on this block in the comments below, or even better, share a photo of one you have sewn.

Bye for now.



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