Train Habits

20170118_092944The route from our house to the town centre passes over a pedestrian railway bridge. Toddler has known, since far too young, that if any of the signals are pointing down or up, that a train is on it’s way… and he loves to watch the train. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or sunny – we still have to wait. We could walk on but then we have to deal with the screaming, especially if he hears the train go past just as we turn the corner! Worst still is the hearing of the train when we are twenty yards from the bridge – and I’m sorry, son, but I can’t sprint that fast. Unlike a lot of international trains, our trains are only little – one or two coaches long – so if you blink you miss it.

The great ‘game’ of achievement is if you see the driver of the train wave back at you. The cu-de-gras though is if the driver toots the horn. Now, that is something to brag about!

Another issue we have is if a train goes by, and we hear the signals move, and then low and behold it wasn’t to ‘turn off’ the old signal but to ‘turn on’ another one – another train coming, so another wait… 

AND sometimes the signal-man is over enthusiastic and puts the signal on minutes before a train comes, rather than just a minute before. Once, after a lengthy wait, I even had a signalman yell at me from the signal box to apologise as the train would be another ten minutes yet.

Bored yet?

The point I am making is we get into little routines and habits, that on the whole don’t matter to the world, but for some reason they matter to us.

Today I was asked if a centre square on a log cabin block always had to be red? Maybe to someone they do, but I don’t think this is breaking the laws of patchwork.

I pointed them to google images for lots of ideas, and also to my short video on the log cabin block (click HERE to view it).

Well, I’m now off to check tomorrow’s train timetable!!!

Bye for now


Ps. Just in case you do need to sew a red centre square in your log cabin… here’s a link to some red fabric for sale! (Click on the picture below)


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