Fist Pumps and Dabs – Oh Yeah Baby!

Today I was trying to juggle a few things at once… Never a great idea.  I always think I can multi-task but in reality I end up doing several jobs poorly in a longer time than it would take me to do each job well, one at a time!!!

But this time I actually managed to finish the washing up in the time it took for the toast to cook, so that I had clean plates from which we could eat.  Major achievement!  What horrified me though was the unconscious fist pump that followed.  I mean,  really,  at my age!

I know it’s a common signal these days in sporting events and adverts, but when has a fist pump EVER looked good. Hitting the air hard and high in jubilation and with attitude is one thing,  but this pathetic little elbow bent, fist clenched tug. Makes me shiver and cringe all at the same time! It even makes looking smug seem attractive.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about Click HERE to watch a tongue-in-cheek edu-video about it.)

The thing is, this craze has given us all a visible action to represent that feeling when we think ‘yep. I did it. I am a superstar.  Oh yeah baby.’ (Now that reminds me of the equally uncool Oh yeah baby dance/shoulder shuffle… argggggg)

And as for the current craze of the ‘Dab’ that is doing the school rounds…

Ok, so, how are we meant to celebrate?  Do we need more than a really pleased grin – especially when no one is watching? 


One of my rare perfect four patches!

We all have minor triumphs everyday, all of us.  From finishing the washing up to finishing an essay/work assignment. From sewing a four patch where the points all meet to tying off the last thread after sitting hand-sewing the edge binding all night. A patchwork project gives us so many reasons to celebrate that our arms would be aching from hitting the air for all those fist pumps, or we’d spend more time doing our weird little victory dance than actually sewing.

It’s great to have such a rewarding and positive hobby.  And feeling proud at the final amazing result is absolutely allowed,  even if it isn’t the ‘British’ thing to do!  Perhaps you could allow yourself one little victory lap around your sewing room next time you finish part of a project.

Oh, well, I’m off to secretly practice my victory dance…

Bye for now




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