In Search of a Perfect Patchwork Point

Today toddler has been all-day at pre-school. I know I should perhaps feel a bit guilty but I enjoy these days when I can be me again and not “You are not Alison, your name is Just Mummy!” It makes me smile every time he says it, partly because his face is so determined and full of menace. I can’t think where he gets his attitude from… must be his Father!

Anyways, the walk to and from school is about a mile each way. When we go to school he spends most of it in the buggy (stroller). However, for about half of the journey home he has started running, not walking, but running. He pauses at every lamp-post for me to catch up and give him a high-five. (Before you panic, this section of the journey is along a safe and wide pedestrian path with not a car in sight!) After school days, however, he is exhausted from play and rides the whole journey home instead.

But, not today. Today he wanted to do the lamppost run as he calls it. The first section was fast, the second slower, and by the third lamppost he was puffing and panting. A day at school had used up all of his energy. However, as much as he was offered to have a rest for a post or two in the buggy, he was determined to at least walk it.

I know that next time he will run further, and again and again, forever improving and pushing himself. He may be only ‘nearly three’ but he is already showing signs of never giving in.

Ok, so here’s the dubious link to patchwork…

When I made my first quilt, it was as much to see if I could do it than anything else. I tried to be precise, but I rushed it quite a bit, through excitement to finish. I did all the stages, but not all that exactly. I nearly measured correctly; I almost cut straight; I sewed a straight-ish seam; I waved an iron at it to press out my seams; etc, etc.

The result is pretty good, and from a distance looks fine. Everyone who has seen it loves it. 



It’s good, but it’s not great.

I know I could have done a lot better. I know I could have got the points to join up closer. I know that I could have had square blocks. I know that my ‘in the gutter’ quilting could have actually been in the gutter and not wobbling all over the place. 

If you have sewn a quilt, you will know that the next one you want to sew better. It’s addictive self-torture! You research and ask questions, read articles and learn. What is the best way to press a seam? How to cut straighter? How to get that perfect seam? Pre-wash or not?

I expect, once the Holy Grail of a perfect point has been achieved, that life will be just the same as now, but the journey… that’s so important. The striving for improvement. The pushing of one’s sewing skills. Never giving in.

To this end, I will be starting a serious of blogs called ‘In search of the Perfect Patchwork Point’. I would love your input and help. We are, after all, on the same journey. So please comment, lots, below. Thank you…

I’m now off to make sure my legs are ready for the toddler’s run into town tomorrow!

Bye for now.





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