Up a bit, Down a bit, Left a bit, Right a bit…

On the way home from school today, we had to take a five minute break because there were some diggers digging up a footpath. If you have a toddler, especially a boy, then you know that it is illegal to walk past a working digger without stopping to watch for a minute or two.

Older son and I spent the time discussing what we thought they were doing. He said making a new footpath. I said making the old one better. It doesn’t matter which of us was correct because toddler informed us that “the flashing light going backwards.” So, that decided that then!

Just before we left, the worker who was not driving the digger got out his tape measure and measured the depth of the hole on either side of the under-construction footpath. 

“It’s 475 here and 450 over there.” he said, pointing dramatically with the end of the tape. The digger driver shrugged, a ‘near enough’ kind of shrug.

“It’s got to be right otherwise it’s wrong.” said measurement guy. At which the digger driver then started gently pushing the soil around in the bottom of the trench until it met the satisfaction of measurement guy.

Getting things exact is important to some people, and not so to others. My three boys (husband included) are a bit like measurement guy – If it’s not right then it’s wrong. I’m a bit more digger driver – It’s near enough… except, that is, when it comes to sewing patchwork. 

For some reason the accuracy of my blocks and points has really got under my skin. ‘Near enough’ is just not acceptable. I don’t care if no-one else can tell or knows, I KNOW. 

So I’m on the hunt for clues to sewing a perfect patchwork point, and I’m putting my findings together in a series of How to articles. You can find the first one by clicking HERE

I’d love to know your secrets and methods so please share in the comments below. 

I’m off to find out how much I can buy a digger for. A little toy one, obviously! Husband would have a fit if a real one turned up in the drive…  Now there’s an idea!

Bye for now


ps. Having the right tape measure for the job is important, whether you use a roll-up fabric tape or a steel straight edge rule. I prefer the steel type as I can then measure whilst cutting against the ruler edge. Click on the picture of the pink tape measure to find out what different types of measuring tapes are available.


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