Sewing Rooms and Dens

We have all re-discovered dens this week. 

Husband’s is his office.  No way anyone is going in there except to deliver food,  coffee or hugs!

Elder son has his permanent den on his bed. It involves pillows and books, and the occasional purring cat.

Younger son is building dens everywhere at the moment.  As long as there are two chairs, an old play pen or a giant cupboard box with a blanket or sheet draped across it,  then that is his den.

And me? I suffer from the common condition of ‘nomad mother’. In other-words I have the space that’s left over.  The computer table but only once the juniors are in bed,  the kitchen table providing no one is eating or cooking,  the tv room if no one else is watching something.

I think that this ‘nomad mother syndrome’ is a very normal and unspoken about condition.

So,  where is a girl meant to get her sewing done?

In a perfect world we would have an extra room and it would be mine, all mine.  Enter at peril!  

But life isn’t ideal so what to do?

The solution, as it stands, is that I sew in the kitchen – either during the days when children are at school and nursery, or in the evenings after the meal is finished and washed up and toddler is safely ensconced in bed.



This is when the kitchen undergoes a dramatic transformation.  As if by magic, the table extends and becomes the multi-functional setting out station, cutting board and place for sewing machine. Out of cupboards and from the top of the fridge freezer arrive bags of fabric, templates, sewing threads and the sewing machine. Cutting boards and ironing boards appear from little spaces where they have been snugly fit between kitchen cabinets.  Extension cables build spider webs across the floor as they feed irons, sewing machines and lamps. Thankfully, this military operation only takes about ten minutes to set up now that I’ve got into the routine.


Ideal storage solution!

There is no way that food will be exiting this kitchen for a while.

And afterwards, it all packs away, as mysteriously as it arrived and twice as quick. No sign left of the production of amazing creativity except the odd piece of cut thread that has made its way onto the floor and beneath the table – and will probably stay there until toddler uses the space as another den!

I expect this sounds familiar. And it’s ok to be like this.  We don’t all have our own permanent sewing room so we just grab the space we can. Nothing can prevent a sewist from sewing. Nothing!


Sometimes I catch myself dreaming about what my sewing room would look like and I browse on the Internet for storage solutions, desks and lighting.

So here, dear husband (for I know you are reading this) is the desk for me. Click on the picture to find out why it’s so perfect, usable, tasteful and perfect – definitely worth the money!

But for now, from the sounds of muffled screaming in the living room, I better go and rescue the toddler from beneath his latest giant sheet and box den.

Bye for now



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