Washing Days, Drying Weeks!

20170128_151448This weekend was a first for 2017. It’s come early this year – and that’s very exciting!

This weekend I hung some washing outside to dry! The first time it has been dry enough and warm enough to. 

Anyone with little people knows that washing is a continual job that never seems to reach an end.  Now, washing the mountain is not so hard – you just shove it in the machine and press go. Trying to dry it, though, is a totally different challenge.  (I know that I could get a tumble dryer thingy but I prefer my washing to dry naturally). 

Like many houses across the UK over winter, the radiators of our house are perpetually draped with clothing. Hallways and landings are obstructed with clothes-airers.  And finding the bath, never mind having one, takes on mammoth proportions!

Hence, being able to hang the washing outside to dry is such a relief to the household. 

Except that, perhaps this weekend, I was that little bit too keen to start the outside drying.  Being spurred on by the blue sky, the slight increase in temperature above freezing and tired of whacking my shoulder on the corner of one airer and my toe on another, I put the slightly damp washing out to finish drying. Then, as is our custom,  we went to town for our Saturday coffee and chat. 

As we were inside enjoying our cappuccinos and danish pastries, outside the clouds rolled in and had a seasonal short, sharp, shower.  So, by evening, when I brought the washing back in, it was actually wetter than when it went out – but, hey ho, it smelt fresher (that wind blown scent!) so that’s a kind of consolation prize.

Apart from the hassle and obstruction caused by indoor drying, my main reason to get the drying outside is that if the house is full of clothes drying then there is no-where to dry the washed fabric for sewing projects.

There is this continual competition for drying space which is usually won by the children’s clothes. (Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a closely fought race. The temptation to buy them all a month’s supply of underwear is sometimes hard to resist)

When I started sewing I didn’t bother with the pre-wash thing but would excitedly open the fabric, give it a quick iron if absolutely necessary and have it on the cutting-board within minutes. There are many varied benefits to the pre-wash, but in the end it all boils down to your own choices. 

In the first of my How to series – ‘Search for a perfect point’ – I discuss the whole issue of how to prepare your fabric for sewing, including washing and ironing.  Click HERE to read it.

Meanwhile I’m off to face the other drawback with washing clothes – the never-ending ironing pile! 

Bye for now



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