Long-arm Quilting Machines… If only…

We live near the Jaguar car sales garage. Everyday when we walk to the supermarket we pass the garage forecourt, inspect the cars on display, and chat about them.

Have they sold any?  Is it a nice car?  Which do we prefer?  What’s the performance? etc. etc. Fortunately, we each have our own area of knowledge to add to this conversation.

Eldest son is a ‘facts and figures’ geek so he can merrily discuss the data side; husband has read the motoring show reviews (or watched Mr. Clarkson and friends) so that’s the performance covered; I know if it looks nice (VERY important) and toddler let’s us know the colors (most important of all). 

A couple of days ago as we walked past, a very smart, new and sporty Jaguar car roared off the forecourt and down the road. With a very happy, although somewhat nervous, driver behind the wheel.

“Ooh,” says I, “if only we had the money to buy that!”

“If I had the money to buy that, ” responds husband, “then I would buy something else.”

I love that. It’s a far more interesting way of saying…

Never mind the car, just give me the money!!!

There then followed a lengthy, and at times bizarre, discussion about what each of us would buy with that kind of money.

Typically, the boys continued to talk cars, whereas I drifted off into thoughts of piles of fabric, chocolate and more. 

What would I really buy?

I personally would love one of these massive quilting machines. These quilting machines look fantastic and seem like an ideal way to get rid of my one ‘ug’ about the whole patchwork quilt making process. I really, really, don’t enjoy the quilting stage of making a quilt, although I know that some people are HUGE fans. But for me, it’s just trouble and strife, wonky seams, aching hands and a bit of a grumpy sewist! Even the hand-sewing of the binding is a joy compared to the quilting.

If I had one of these machines to whoosh! though the process then quilting would take on a whole another meaning.

Ok, so perhaps I can’t afford the machine, or the Jaguar, but I can still day-dream about them. This book about Long-arm quilting machines is just what I need…

To find out more about any of these long arm quilting machines or the book, just click on the pictures to learn more, or even treat yourself and buy one!

Oh well.  My day dream time is over, and reality beckons, for a short while at least.

I’m off to check that the front yard is vaguely weed-free in case a surprise delivery of a Jaguar arrives…

Bye for now



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