Symmetry in Patchwork

Author’s Note: Due to a brain disaster, most of this blog is total rubbish – although rather funny in parts and it contains a pretty picture. Refer to the blog “(Real) Symmetry in Patchwork!” for an accurate description!

Today, my boys and I went for a walk to enjoy the early afternoon sunshine. We were suitable wrapped-up for the season and equipped with cameras, as well as the cameras on our phones, oh, and a (very) hyper-active toddler. 

Our walk took us along the River Severn in town, and from there each of us found something to look at and photograph. Husband enjoyed the mess of architecture where each era has left it’s imprint on the river side properties. Eldest son tried to spot the water-marks in the walls and trees to see how high the river had flooded and toddler saw a duck, and a brown duck, and another duck…

I was just enjoying the sunshine until I saw a property that particularly caught my eye. I have seen this building many times, but today the sun lit it at an interesting angle which hi-lighted the shapes and also gave a beautiful reflection in the river. 


When we got home and looked at each other’s photos in more detail, the symmetry of my photo was very easily seen… How the property is like a mirror of itself, and this is then reflected again in the river. You could easily cut it into four equal quarters which would be very similar in appearance. It reminded me of some of the many patchwork blocks where there are these double lines of symmetry.

tulip03Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, and as I am not feeling very descriptive today, here is a link to my Tulips video tutorial (click HERE) which is a perfect example of each quadrant of the pattern being a reflection of the others.

To create these blocks, you sew four squares the same, lay them out by rotating them for each corner and then sew them together.

For a simpler pattern, consider the pin-wheel or Susannah block. Doh!

I’m off now to check the number of lines of symmetry that exist within a bar of chocolate…

Bye for now


ps. I’ve just realized that my homemade graphic for the top of this page is complete nonsense, but it’s pretty so it’s staying there!



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