(Real) Symmetry in Patchwork!

My eldest son is a bit of a perfectionist. If something isn’t right then it is definitely wrong. There is no grey area of ‘nearly’. Right or Wrong. I’m guessing he gets this trait from me. Take yesterday’s blog for example… not even close to right!

So, yesterday I wrote a blog about symmetry in patchwork. It was fairly good and rather amusing, with a pretty picture of a house reflected in a river in my home town. Apart from that, it was pretty much all wrong!

Now, I pride myself on being a mathematician so making such a hash of things like symmetry is a bit of a ‘hiccup’. Husband says I have a brain the size of Jupiter. Well, Jupiter must be a pretty strange planet as yesterday, both Jupiter and my brain were incredibly small. 

Anyways, I digress. Here follows an ACCURATE discussion of lines in symmetry and how they apply in patchwork.

A line of Symmetry is…

symmetry-01Imagine drawing a line through the middle of anything. If you then place a mirror along that line, the image you see reflected should match exactly the image of the real thing. To describe this easier, take the capital letter A. If you draw a line directly through it you can see that both sides of the line mirror each other. For a rectangle, you have two separate lines of symmetry – either vertical or horizontal. A circle has hundreds. In nature, the most perfect symmetry is in a butterfly. 

symmetry-02Some people think that humans are symmetrical also. Well, we at least have similar sides. For a laugh I took a photo of my face and made two new photos. The first is a reflected left half and the second the right. These scare me, neither mind the children!!!

In patchwork

symmetry-03The block at the top of this page has two lines of symmetry as shown, as does the ‘Garden Path’ block shown here. The pattern sewn is a mirror image both top to bottom and left to right.

Yesterday I said that the Pinwheel block was also like this. No it is not. Just to clarify why not, I have drawn a pinwheel block below and also drawn what would be formed by lines of symmetry. The second image is, well, a bit dull. So, if a pinwheel isn’t mirrored it must be something else, and this something else is a block with four 90 degree rotations. Which is also a very very common feature in patchwork blocks.


But that is something to discuss another day.

For now I’m off to dwell within the symmetry of cheese on toast (I ate all the chocolate yesterday!) 

Bye for now





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