Colors in Patchwork



As a child I loved coloring pens.  Every birthday or Christmas I would get a new set, all lined up prettily and neat in their packet. I would spend hours just looking at them and it would be a while before I would open them and start to use them, always being sure to put them back in the right place.


Still Wrong!

Sometimes, I would reluctantly allow a visiting friend to use them but lo and behold if they put them back in in the wrong place or worse crime still… upside down. 

On boring rainy days I would tip them all out of the packet and try and find the best rainbow arrangement to put them back in, so that the color ‘flowed’ across the packet.

There are many ways to do this. There are the obvious colors and the tricky ones. 



Green to blue to people to red to Orange to yellow to green.  Easy? Yes – But what about brown, grey, black or light or dark colors.

And what happens when the color on the pen doesn’t quite match the color of the pen.

This drama with colors has followed me all my life!


My red-orange-brown box

Like when I became obsessed with cross stitch embroidery – the thread organizers needed sorting;

Like when I was a draftsman and we used water color paints for hi-lighting design features – the paint pots;

Like my younger son’s building brick collection.

And now patchwork fabric.

There are theories on dark and light,  variable tones, hues, saturation, summer and winter,  warm and cool, etc. etc. There are many videos and books that explain it all. Some are really simple and some are mind-numbingly complicated. To view, and buy, a handy chart you can take with you shopping to help get that perfect match or clash, depending on what you are after, click on the following pretty picture (It’s great for decorating choices too – and buying your new outfits) :-

Personally I choose my fabrics by whether they look nice! But, uh-oh, the scraps still have to be organised. 

tempIn my recent wander around my local fabric shop I saw this color delight and just had to share it. Surely, happiness is this!

I’m now off to organize my son’s pens, yet again, whilst he sleeps…

Bye for now



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