Snowball in Patchwork

tempOver the weekend a lot of places had some snow. We had about twenty snowflakes so not much of an event to shout about… unless of course you are three!

“Mummy mummy,” came the screaming voice on opening the bedroom curtains at silly’o’clock in the morning, “it’s snowing! “

“Yes dear.  Go back to sleep.”

“I can build a snowman.” he declared whilst bouncing up and down excitedly on our bed.

We watched out of the window together, waiting patiently for each snowflake to fall through the lit sky under the streetlight. Few of them, if any, reached the ground before melting.

“Darling,  there’s not even enough snow to make a snowball.”

“But it’s snowing.  We can make a snowman!” 

Any weather snowballs

In patchwork there is a well used pattern which is called a snowball.  It is when a small square of fabric is sewn over each corner of a large square, at a diagonal, and the corner trimmed resulting in a sort of circle shape that vaguely looks like a snowball. As usual words don’t do this process justice so below is a set of diagrams explaining the process a bit clearer.


Whenever we use this process to cut off a corner on a shape we call it ‘snowballing’. Below are some pictures of other shapes that have had 1 – 4 corners ‘snowballed’.


This can be really useful in a lot of patchwork block patterns (a lot of my video tutorials include this process). And ‘snowballing’ can be quicker than sewing together a lot of half square triangles (click here to learn about half square triangles)

snow-nine-01However, as pretty as a uniform snowball block looks, there are also a variety of patterns that you can make by using the full snowball block in different color variations, or by adding alternate solid or nine-patch blocks between them.

Here’s a link to my latest video tutorial… CLICK HERE.

I’m now off to make a ‘snowball’ pudding – a very rich and delicious desert – if not rather sickly and alcoholic! Hic!

Bye for now


ps. To access the recipe for snowball pudding ‘like wot my mam’ used to make –  (Click here!)


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