Patchwork Discovery during Spring Cleaning

Snail TrailYou know it’s Spring when you hear the first dulcet tones of the ice cream van driving up the road. 

Last year, every-time we heard the twinkling twanging sound of the ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’, the toddler had hysterics! So maybe we are more sensitive to the van’s arrival as we try to obscure the sound with tuneless singing and dancing! Today we were all quick to notice it’s arrival, more so perhaps because the toddler’s reaction was to calmly declare that the ice cream man had come.

That was the total level of interest, apart from waving it goodbye as it drove away down the street. (Thankfully, he hasn’t realized that we can buy ice cream from the van – only I’m too tight!)

My sister was even sly-er than me with her excuses… She convinced her children that when the ice cream van drives around playing his music, it’s because he’s letting everyone know that he has sold out of ice cream so don’t bother asking for any. Pester-free existence!

All signs point to the fact that Spring is well on the way.

The washing is drying on the line more days than not,

Flowers are popping their heads through the leaves,

and the ice cream man has arrived.

So, today I felt inspired…

…to have a little Spring clean of my sewing stuff. This involves getting things out, going “Oh gosh I forgot I had that” and then putting it back for another day.

20170219_211345However, one crumpled bag stuffed at the bottom of my main sewing bag caught my attention.

20170219_211510It was full of bags of blue fabric, most cut into triangles of different sizes as well as a couple of sewn blocks. The design is the ‘Monkey Wrench’ or ‘Snail Trail’. A fairly common block – click HERE to learn more about this block.

20170219_211607Unusually for me, everything appears highly organised and apparently under control. Bags are even letter and color coded, my goodness! The problem, in this case, is my hand-written instructions.

I often sew things slightly different to the tutorials on the Internet/books/ etc. Instead I work out my own method and directions and sizes. This is the base process I use for all of the videos I share on the Internet. 


The total effort of my instructions!

However, in this instance, I must have decided that this would be a private project so I made instructions for my eyes only. 

I guess it made sense when I was doing it but they are not so helpful now. Hence, I have a bit of a cryptic challenge on my hands. This has got me so puzzled that instead of putting this project back in the bag, I’m going to try and finish sewing it. I’ll let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

I’m now off to persuade my husband that I can’t do the ironing this week on account of it not being Tuesday… Surely, when it comes to ironing, any excuse has got to be worth a try!!!

Bye for now



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