Sewing Equipment for Patchwork

nonsenseHusband and I never quite agree on anything. Don’t get me wrong, we have the same objectives, values and dreams and together we are a formidable alliance. However, we have very different ways of getting anything done and we are both always right! 

Scarily, last night, we almost approached a problem the same way.

“By golly”, says I “we were on the same page there.”

“If we’re not careful”, says he “we might actually agree on something!” 

There then followed that shocked, stunned, eerie silence that seems to last forever as we let this bizarre idea sink in. Then, simultaneously, we both said:

“Nah! Never happen!”

The same goes for patchwork. There are many ways to achieve the same result, which is why there are so many different tutorials about the same pattern. But we are all aiming for the same thing.  A beautiful sewn work of art. 

When you start out though, this can be really confusing.

If you have never sewn patchwork before then the idea of it is quite simple. You get several pieces of fabric, cut them into bits and then sew them together again.

Simple? Yes? Definitely… but

The thing is, these days the beginner can start hunting on the Internet and reading hundreds of tutorials and watch thousands of films and soon you are being told about all sorts of things, all of which apparently matter.

20170218_150836Like thread strengths and types, cutting mats, templates, pins, starch, machines,  fabric types,  jelly rolls,  snowballs, in the ditch stitching,  tailors chalk…

Thus follows confusion and information over-load. 

So, what do you really need to start sewing a patchwork project?

Well, actually, not that much.

What you need is a simple and straightforward guide to the equipment you need to get going, so that instead of spending all your energy and brain-cells on choosing the right type of sewing thread, you can use them for the fun stuff like deciding which pattern to sew and what fabrics to use.

Below, in orange, is a link to such an equipment list. It doesn’t include any fancy stuff… just the basic information to get going. 

CLICK HERE to go to article.

If you get addicted to this hobby, as many do, then there’s plenty of time to get technical later, but to start you only need this lot. Meaning that you buy less equipment, so have more money to buy more fabric to sew more patchwork – which is the fun bit and why we do this hobby anyway. 

20170207_102549After all, what is the point of a well-equipped sewing room if you can’t afford the fabric to sew – and there’s so much of it to choose from? Follow some equipment guides and you’ll find that half the stuff you will never use, and the other half you won’t know how to use!

I’m now off to use my decision making brain-cells to decide how many different shades of blue fabric I really do need for the next project…

Bye for now



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