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20160928_180801I’m Alison and I loath these ‘about’ pages… Still, I guess you are reading it so you probably want to know all about me and The Patchwork Club.

The short story – I’m a fully trained draftsman and civil engineer (pre-children). I love geometry, mathematics, color, sewing, teaching and computer programs. (I can’t write them but like using them so I guess that makes me some kind of techno-nerd! )

I have two boys (aged ‘nearly 3’  and 11) and a wonderful husband Mark. They are the inspiration for my life and will probably appear a lot in my blog.

During my short 11 year ‘career break’ to be at home with the children I have discovered a passion for patchwork and working out how to sew block-work patterns in the most logical way – which has led me to forming The Patchwork Club.


I’m an ‘active Christian’ and everything I do, I do for God. I’m not afraid to talk about Him  – especially as I am certain that The Patchwork Club and this site and all things related to it are most definitely under His blessing and control. 

Other Stuff

I have a you-tube channel (click here to go there) although most of the videos on it are also on this site (see videos!) and I have a very active facebook page with some lovely ladies who are very supportive (click here to visit and join).

All of these have been prompted by Our Father and are flourishing even though I have little idea what I am doing! 


Not only do I have the desire to help with all things patchwork, such as how-to videos and tutorial designs, I am also passionate about helping the person (that’s You) through friendship, discussion, prayer and laughter – so please come and join Our Patchwork Club!

Click here to join our facebook group for more chat, encouragement and sharing.

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