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Unexpected Surprises

20161126_105003It’s Saturday today and as always we went into town for our stroll and coffee. Being creatures of habit we always go to the same place. 

But, just to freak out the toddler, we often vary our walk into town. However, we always come back the same way so that we can do our shopping at the nearest supermarket on the way home.

This tour takes us past a small corner coffee shop. It has been open for only four months and has an unusual Olde Worlde look to it. The barista wears a proper tweed peaked cap, and is a true barista not just some person who serves coffee. The shop also claims to be an antique shop, and yet when you peer through the windows it is a very, VERY tiny space.

So small, in fact, that it’s called “The Shed”

Every time we get near it husband says…

“I’ll get a take-out coffee next time. But not today.”

Every time!

That’s over a dozen Saturdays so far of ‘next time’.

Today the young ones seemed particularly mellow so when the comment came, as expected, a hundred yards before we got there, I said…

“I’ll have one too and the boys can have a cake. Let’s go in and sit properly.”

So we did.

temIt was a lovely quirky little place and the boys instantly loved it. Toddler was straight onto the leather sofa and rearranging the suitcase table so he could reach it. Husband and elder son read and reread the chalk board drinks menu. The cake was fantastic, toddler could see the buses and trains go past, elder son enjoyed reading some local information magazines and husband enjoyed talking coffee with someone who really knew their art.

And as for me…

Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, I went for a wander through a little gap next to the fridge of cold drinks, following a rustic sign that declared ‘more this way’.

Hmmm. Curious-er and curious-er.

I like surprises. And this was a very unexpected surprise. A whole ‘nother tiny room full of surprise.

unnamed-1The photos show what I found.  Curiosities.  Antiques.  Wonder and joy.  A mumble jumble of history and art. And a clock face made from old keys.

unnamed-2I had discovered, feeling a bit like Lucy in a wardrobe, something I had not even thought existed. The hidden secret room that you can’t see from outside. Blissful.

I’m now off to see if there are any ‘secrets’ left hidden in the biscuit tin…

Bye for now