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Keeping Things Simple in Patchwork

Due to the arrival of storm ‘Doris’, it’s yet another rainy British half-term day. We have reached the mid-way point of this holiday now, not that I’m counting or anything! 


Another poorly quilt day.

Toddler has yet another bug and is rather sad and glum. The idea of hand-making a pie for dinner tonight when constant hugs are in demand was a no starter, and so the meal had to under- go a rethink. 

I surveyed the troops and the vote was an overwhelming victory for cheese on toast. Now there’s adventurous for you! 


As a species I think we humans like to make things complicated. We think it demonstrates how terribly clever we are. The truth, though, is that simple and strait forward is usually all that’s required (as well as using up far less energy). Now I’m not saying some fine and interesting meal isn’t a nice thing occasionally, but there’s also not a lot wrong with a simple casserole or stew.

20160729_090403Patchwork can be the same. Some of the most visually stunning quilts are made of a very basic pattern and with a minimum amount of colors or fabric choices. 

It’s the way you plan it and sew it that makes all the difference. 

When we are doing a hobby the temptation is to get more and more complicated and ‘clever’ when perhaps refining and improving our basic skills would be a much more useful and beneficial investment.

I’m (slowly) working on a series of ‘How to’ articles about the search for the perfect point. Click the orange text to view part 1 – preparing your fabric. This is a largely over-looked part of patchwork, especially for people like me who prefer to take short-cuts!

Keeping it simple is a wonderful guide to most things in life. After all you can’t run until you can walk.

I’m now off to see if I can come up with a difficult and exciting pudding to follow the cheese on toast… That’ll be a chopped up apple then!

Bye for now